How can Pogue Bookkeeping help your business?

Many businesses try to avoid highly paid bookkeepers who are certified advisors in different software. They feel they can hire someone without proper training and education, and they can be taught or will figure it out. 

Although knowledge is imperative, it does not necessarily mean you must keep a high-dollar bookkeeper on the payroll full-time. After all, programs like QuickBooks are user-friendly, right? Right and wrong.

While QuickBooks is user-friendly, there are still many mistakes to be made that can cost your company lots of money or even an IRS audit.

Every time I meet with a new client, they worry about me "fixing" anything in their books because the last several people claimed they could fix everything and only made it all worse. 

Accurate reports such as income statements and balance sheets can make or break a business. Using all the tools to the fullest extent makes things much smoother, but only if they are set up correctly. 

The money you spent hiring, training, firing, fixing, and losing because your reports did not help you navigate your company's financial outlook is what makes a business owner seek outside help, such as Pogue Bookkeeping. 

Usually, my clients come to me stressed and without hope. Their bookkeeping problems were put on the back burner, usually for years, out of fear.


Pogue Bookkeeping can give you a free consultation and help your business get where you need to be. Whether you've been in business for years or are a new company, we can help! 

We can fix what is broken and teach your employees the correct bookkeeping techniques to keep all your books up to date with current reports. We can help with a workflow for your team members to keep them on top of what is important to you as a business owner. 

We can ensure that you are not worried about taxes at the first of the year; everything is current and ready to go to the accountant. 

We do not require a large retainer and can break down your cost into weekly/hourly payments on an as-needed basis.

Contact us today. 

You will be glad that you did!

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